Dilmeet Kaur is a Scottish Sikh artist who uses inspiration from Gurbaani and Sikh heritage to create her artwork. The detail of pattern and designs often seen in the work by Dilmeet Kaur originates from Sikh architecture such as Siri Harmandir Sahib. This style of artwork is engraved on the walls of many Gurdwaras and is at the heart of the works produced by Dilmeet Kaur. 

Many artwork pieces also contain the writings of Sikh gurus through a calligraphic style and decorated with floral paintings. These writings are translations in english of Gurbaani to allow both Sikh and non Sikhs to connect to the essence of the Sikh teachings. Through this artwork, Dilmeet Kaur not only hopes to create beautiful pieces of art, but to also share the understanding of our Gurus words. 

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