Dilmeet Kaur is a young Sikh artist bringing her own unique outlook to the creative platform. She is well known for her delicate floral designs combined with her calligraphy of Sikh scriptures (Gurbaani) along with her more technical paintings of iconic buildings including Harmandir Sahib. More recently, Dilmeet Kaur has branched out into creating geometric paintings inspired by various aspects of Sikh architecture, highlighting her faith and reflections of Sikh history.

Originally, Dilmeet started experimenting with the arts as hobby, she was inspired by nature and how it flowed with the meanings of Gurbaani where she saw true beauty. Dilmeet Kaur began using certain translations to encourage self reflection, exploration and personal development through her paintings. Through hard work and dedication, Dilmeet was ale to make this passion into a career. 

As part of her career, Dilmeet has travelled throughout Europe  exhibiting her work, holding creative workshops and also featuring on national media. Dilmeet hopes not only to grow her collection of artwork, but to also develop our collective understanding of Sikh heritage and relationship with our Guru. 

Satgurprasadh, Through his Grace. 

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